Friday night’s WGN News (Chicago) broadcast  began with anchor Micah Materre saying this:

A fight reportedly over french fries erupts into a massive brawl at a high school in the south suburbs. Good evening…

You can see the full news report above on this story of a fight over french fries sparking a brawl at Chicago Heights’ Bloom Trail High School.

But what we don’t find out in that video, is what the hell was it about french fries that caused a brawl?

Did a student get extremely pissed off about having their fries stolen, and a one-on-one fight turned into something much larger? Was it a food fight involving fries that began the whole thing?

We need to know more on this one, because it just doesn’t make sense on the surface.

If you want to see full (grainy) video of the ugly scene, here it is: