The year was 1994, we were all learning about hakuna matata with “Lion King,” getting on a bended knee with Boyz II Men and playing “Shaq Fu,” the 16-bit game that had Shaquille O’Neal in a street fighter rip-off game. Shaq is trying to relive the past by making a sequel to “Shaq Fu,” and he needs your help! Shaq is asking for $450,000 on his crowd-funding Indiegogo campaign to create “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn.”

Shaq has partnering with a new studio called Big Deez Productions, which has video game designers from “Halo” and “Street Fighter.” The game is described as “a modern-day take on the classic beat ‘em up.” Some of the rewards for donating to the game are for $500 Shaq will follow you on Instagram, for $750 Shaq will get you a personalized YouTube message, for $3,000 a pair of autographed size-22 sneakers, for $15,000 a pick-up basketball game and lunch with Shaq.

Shaq admitted how terrible the first game was:

I don’t think it was the worst. When you talk about the worst, you’ve got to talk about sales. I actually sold a lot of games, but when I did the first ‘Shaq-Fu,’ that was at the end of analog right before digital came out. It wasn’t a bad game. It wasn’t a good game, but it wasn’t awful.”

I much rather donate to a sequel to “Kazaam.”