Wednesday night’s episode of “Battle of the Tanking All-Stars” featured the sorry Sacramento Kings and the even sorrier Milwaukee Bucks — a game which was attended by roughly 47 sadists people who enjoy terrible basketball. The game also featured noted agitator/flopper Reggie Evans, who did Reggie Evans things underneath the basket all night, much to the chagrin of Bucks power forward Ersan Ilyasova. Eventually, Ilyasova had enough of the shenanigans and — in a move that will be applauded by approximately every other low post player in the NBA — jabbed Evans a few times in the gut before tossing him to the floor like a rag doll.

Reggie EvansThe best part: Evans attempted a half-assed flop in order to sell it, even though he’d already had his ass handed to him. It’s an act that begs two questions:

1. Is Reggie Evans so addicted to flopping, that he just does it subconsciously?


2. Did Reggie Evans flop just because it makes it seem like he actually didn’t get punked so badly by an opponent?