It’s hard to believe this is not real.  HUVr, as its called, is a team comprised of MIT students who excel in “materials science, electricity and magnetism” (take that with a grain of salt).  They claim to have utilized hover technology to create the first-ever hover skateboard (a la Back to the Future).  Now, it’s easy to say, “That’s fake, duh”, but one can easily be sucked into the allure of it all – especially if that someone is an incredibly gullible blonde.

The celebrity endorsers are also pretty convincing – Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens and Billy Zane to name a few.  To top it off, the godfather of all invention, Christopher Lloyd, makes a cameo.  I mean, come on!  Fortunately, I know someone on the inside AND I had an acting class with the featured HUVr “expert”, Nelson, back in the day.  All signs point to ‘fake’, but it could happen, people.