This one’s from the vault – an amateur soccer game from 2007 – but this is the first time I’ve seen it so I figure it’s still worth a share. It shows a ridiculous free kick taken by Joe Sleven from Portland, Oregon that very nearly bends around the defense and past the goalkeeper for a ridiculous goal from the set piece.

But, unfortunately for Sleven – who went on to play soccer for the University of Portland – his outstanding effort was matched by the opposing team’s keeper, who was able to deny the shot with an amazing diving save. The stop really bailed out a terrible defensive front by the team in red (looking at you No.4) and baffled Sleven and his teammates, all of whom seemed to expect the crazy shot to result in a goal.

The best part might be the commentary from the guy filming, who appears to experience every possible emotion within a matter of seconds.


Yup, pretty much dude.