In September we brought you behind-the-scenes shots of the commercial that reunited Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with actor Robert Hays. The commercial that attempts to sell you on the idea of vacationing in Wisconsin has the two men in the cockpit of a plane flying over beautiful Wisconsin locales as they resurrect their characters from one of the greatest comedies of all-time, “Airplane!.” While it is wonderful to rehash the memories of the classic 1980’s comedy, the commercial falls short for me. Both Kareem and Hays are just regurgitating great “Airplane!” lines that they mostly did not even say! Abdul-Jabbar pours a little salt in the wound of Milwaukee Bucks fans, as he asks himself why he ever left Wisconsin. Kareem should be more concerned that the autopilot doesn’t deflate instead of career decisions from 40 years ago. This could have been better, but then I realize that it’s just a commercial about vacationing in Wisconsin so I should really lower my expectations.