When the NBA’s schedule makers began mapping out the national television slate last summer, they probably didn’t envision a scenario in which the Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets would be two fringe (or non) playoff teams experiencing precipitous drop-offs from the previous season. Yet, because the schedule is pretty much set in stone (unless you’re the Lakers, apparently), the inadvertent shit show must go on. And that’s exactly what happened Thursday night, as TNT aired a putrid affair in which the Nuggets mustered up only eight points in the first quarter, and trailed by as many as 38 before Nets head coach Jason Kidd finally called off the dogs in the third quarter.

One of those backup dogs was Mason Plumlee, who decided he was going to show up the home team by tossing an alley-oop off the backboard to himself. Now, if you just re-read that sentence five times in order to make sure you weren’t going crazy, then it should come as no surprise that Plumlee’s move did not go according to plan. Adding insult to injury was TNT color analyst Reggie Miller, who blasted Mason for his tomfoolery, but referred to him as “Miles” — which, you know, is his brother’s name.