Here’s some of the delightful content that were unable to get to because we were playing this GTA IV Flappy Birds mod too much during the week.


The NFL salary cap is expected to jump nearly $10M in 2014 – NFL

Where does the term alley-oop come from? – GameDayr

Dad, disabled son to run one last Boston Marathon together – FTW

Which directions have the Knicks pointed themselves in? – EyeOnBasketball

Lawyer says U of L recruit was experimenting with sex when he got his 14-year-old cousin pregnant – BlackSportsOnline

One-armed HS basketball star Geno Policicchio goes behind-the-back & by 2 defenders for the score – BobsBlitz

Oakley Built Bubba Watson a Custom Bulletproof Truck – ExtraMustard

Toledo Mud Hens to wear ‘Ghostbusters’ jerseys – BleacherReport



NASA discovers 715 new planets on Wednesday and four of them could potentially support life once we f*ck this one up – CNN

Scientists are making sausage out of baby poop. Enjoy your pizza with pooperoni – ABCNews

Audio of a woman calling 911 about her tragic situation of receiving “undercooked waffles.” Cool your jets lady, at least they weren’t blue waffles – Death&Taxes

Amazon contemplates even more world domination by starting their own streaming music service – Engadget

Having sex boosts your intelligence (Sorry results do not include those who are making love to themselves) – DailyMail

Illinois man busted for running meth lab while wearing Los Pollos Hermanos shirt – HyperVocal

The U.S. Army is making an Iron Man suit. No really. Even President Obama said so – Sploid

Here is a towering wall of snow unleashing it’s fury on Toronto.

The The Day After Tomorrow-like storm caused caused 96 cars to crash into each other on Highway 400.


Apparently North Korea didn’t pay their electric bill



23 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Louis C.K. – BuzzFeed

For the first time ever the Oscars will be live streamed – Mashable

Adam Driver from the show Girls is in talks to be the villain in the the new Star Wars movie. Apparently he will attempt to defeat the Jedis with his ironic mustache and strong force of entitlement – Variety

The Mastermind Behind ‘Ballin’ Oates’ Is Back With ‘Trill Collins’ – Uproxx

Ghostbusters 3 is still being made despite the untimely death of Harold Ramis, who was slated to make a cameo appearance along with originals Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd – TheHollywoodReporter

The 100 Most Overused Words In Metal Band Names – InvisibleOranges

Jeff Goldblum confirms that Jeff Goldblum will be in Independence Day 2, but it sounds that Jeff Goldblum will bot be in Jurassic World. The only logical reason for this disappointment is Chaos Theory – FirstShowing


Mary Johnston becomes the 87th best attraction in Glasgow after TripAdvisor faus pax


Your Cheesy Parody of True Detective Called “Fondue Detective” Website of the Week 


Your “Never Gonna Wake Up (Mashup)” Featuring Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give Your Up’, AVICII’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and Chumbawamba’s ‘Tubthumping’ Song of the Week

Your Cool Bros Winter Surfing Jägermeister Commercial of the Week

Your Van Damme Zero Gravity Split in Space of the Week

Your Kanye West “Yeezus” Teaser Trailer Directed By Hype Williams of the Week

Mila Kunis Got Engaged to Ashton Kutcher. We Celebrate/Mourn this News by Making Her Your Hot Chick of the Week (10 Pics)