Just when it seemed like DeMarcus Cousins was righting the S.S. Boogie, he had to go and pull off some embarrassing, Maloof-era shenanigans. His latest transgressions include verbal abuse of an official, failing to leave the court in a timely manner, and landing a punch on Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley — violations which will cost him a $20,000 fine and a one-game suspension.

Cousins was ejected in the third quarter of the Kings’ 129-103 loss to the Rockets Tuesday night after being whistled for his fifth personal foul and picking up a technical for complaining to officials. He proceeded to keep berating the officials, while refusing to immediately exit the floor. However, the referees missed an even more egregious violation earlier in the game, when Cousins delivered a cheap shot to Beverley as he was passing through the lane.

No word yet on if the President of the “I Hate Patrick Beverley” fan club plans to launch a Kickstarter to help pay Cousins’ fine.