SixersMonday night’s NBA slate featured an all-time stinker between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers — two teams that made reservations in the NBA Draft lottery a long time ago. Stories of the Sixers’ unapologetic (if not insulting) tanking have been widespread, but the Bucks have been no slouch either, quietly managing to win five fewer games and building a somewhat comfortable lead in Tank-a-Palooza 2014.

Err…scratch that. The Bucks had won five fewer games.

Let’s review the gory details: the Sixers put up a respectable — and very non-tanky — 44 points in the first half. Not bad, right? Well, they also gave up 73 points to the Bucks…in that same half. To put that in perspective, the Bucks haven’t scored that many points in entire games this season — on multiple occasions. It’s not even worth discussing the rest of the game, which the Bucks eventually won (or “lost”, depending on whose side you’re on), 130-110.

As for the game’s LVP (Least Valuable Player), that honor goes to Tony Wroten, strictly on the merits of these two plays:


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