The best entrepreneurs did not learn their business skills from a school, they were born with savvy instincts.

Danielle Lei is one of these brilliant individuals that has God-given talents. This amazing 13-year-old Girl Scout sold an unbelievable 117 boxes of cookies in only two hours.

Her strategy? Location, location, location.

Instead of getting all sweaty walking door-to-door or making her mom beg coworkers, Lei thought outside of the cookie box and set up shop where people would be desperate for a tasty snack — outside of a medical marijuana dispensary.

This smart cookie set up outside of The Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. Every red-eyed, munchie-feenin’ individual leaving the clinic faced a mammoth wall of Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas.

They never had a chance to not buy a box or 30.