Love was in the air on Valentine’s Day, especially for iconic soccer legend Diego Maradona who spent the day in Rome getting engaged to his girlfriend. The world-renowned soccer star rented a room with a gorgeous view of Rome at the Eden Hotel, where he celebrated his engagement to 23-year-old Rocio Oliva with 25 guests including former players. During the preparations for the grand event, Maradona was hit with the news that his ex is pregnant with his child. Veronica Ojeda, 37, claims that she and Diego had a romantic encounter at a Buenos Aires hotel behind Oliva’s back last December and she is now pregnant. Maradona has denied the accusations by his ex who claims she is carrying their second child and his sixth. Maradona started dating former women’s football player Rocio at the start of last year and now look to tie the knot in the near future. Once again this proves the theory that no matter how suave you are with the ladies, you have no chance against rich chubby guys.