Before the Olympic’s hockey tournament began in Sochi, it looked like Finland’s men’s team was going to pedal away with the best bicycle gang on the block.

However, Team Sweden has emerged as the new favorite in the war of the wheels with their arrival for Saturday’s game against Latvia. The Swedes – including Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson, Daniel Sedin and Henrik Lundqvist – all arrived looking quite dapper on their rides.

I think we need to settle this once and for all with a good old fashioned bicycle relay race around the Olympic village.

01 - fSKWME8

02 - EXP4dN2

03 - LHlWCGL

04 - T5TUend

05 - KSV8XNS

06 - mXpb6sj

07 - ygnbr5V

08 - pwGKY3S

09 - 7avyUor

10 - AQPaIaI

11 - dJNPRP2

12 - NVIprYE