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Rajon Rondo Sets New Career High For 3s In Back to Back Games

iThrough the first 575 games of Rajon Rondo’s NBA career (regular season and playoffs) he never made more than 2 three-pointers in a single game.  However, in game #576 on Sunday against Dallas he hit 3.  Then in #577 on Wednesday vs the Spurs Rondo made 4.

In his previous 7 seasons in the league he’d only ever attempted 5 threes in a game once before, and had put up as many as 4 in a single contest on just five occasions.  Since his return from ACL surgery three weeks ago Rondo has launched 5 or more threes 3 times in 10 games.

Just how big of a change is this for Rondo?  Throughout his career he’s had 17 streaks of 5 games or more where he never even shot a single three-pointer.   Maybe Rondo spent his rehab working on his long ranger jumper; his career 3PT% is 25%, but this season he’s shooting them at a 38% clip.

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