Ice Hockey - Day 10 - Sweden v Finland

Nicklas Backstrom and Team Sweden are set to kick off their tournament in Sochi this afternoon against the Czech Republic and many people believe they are one of the favorites to win the gold medal. Backstrom’s grandmother is not one of those people.

Grandma Britt Backstrom had some harsh words for the Washington Capitals center in a recent interview with a Swedish news publication, saying her grandson “will make a fool of himself” during the Winter Games in coming weeks.

Ouch, pretty harsh for a guy who currently ranks third among the NHL’s assist leaders.

If that’s what she had to say about her own bloodline, it’s not a shock that she didn’t have great things to say about the Swede’s collective squad.

“On the whole, they’ve got no game,” she said. “I’m up and looking at some periods … when it’s bad I go to bed.”

Backstrom declined to respond to his grandmother’s comments, but if Team Sweden manages to do well in the tournament I can only assume nana will get an earful at the next family party. And, for what it’s worth, I’m glad she’s not my grandmother.

[Fourth Place Medal]