Unless you are a Duke or UNC fan you may not realize that every year before the two teams face off, their team managers partake in a scrimmage and it can get heated.  The latest example of the rivalry happened just this past week and when the final whistle sounded the Duke Blue Devils had been defeated by a score of  38-33.  The game got very testy during the first half and a minor scuffle broke out following a nasty elbow.

The Duke Chronicle explains:

The first half of play came to a contentious close when a North Carolina manager grabbed a rebound and Duke freshman Drew Goldstein made a play for the ball. In creating space, the Tar Heel swung his elbows, knocking Goldstein to the floor. Play resumed shortly after the teams converged for a tense moment accompanied by some pushing and shoving, and the Blue Devils closed in to bring the score 20-15 at the half.

I just hope we get some better video of the incident soon.