We’re going to preface this post with the following: don’t try this at at home…er…don’t try this at your local ski resort, because A) it’s very dangerous, and B) it’s very illegal — and expensive, if you get caught.

An unidentified skier in Whistler, B.C. recently videotaped himself base jumping from the Peak 2 Peak Gondola as an insane tribute to another daredevil skier, Shane McConkey, who died while base jumping off a cliff in Italy in 2009. A Whistler Blackcomb patroller and RCMP raced to the landing zone but were unable to apprehend the man, whose takeoff point was estimated at roughly 1,500 feet.

The only other person in the gondola was a woman who claimed she didn’t know the man, and was just sightseeing (hold on, let me turn off my bullshit detector). If the man is caught, in addition to whatever legal ramifications he’s facing, he’s also on the hook for roughly $10,000 for damages to the gondola doors.