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Canadiens Enforcers Brandon Prust And George Parros Are Enjoying A Romantic Vacation In Barbados

For many of the NHL’s elite, the next few weeks will be a special opportunity to represent their country on the world’s stage. For the less fortunate – such as Montreal Canadiens tough guys Brandon Prust and George Parros – it’s time to take a nice vacation.

Prust and Parros decided to make the most of their time off and experience a little teammate-to-teammate bonding while they’re vacationing together in Barbados. From the looks of things, they’re doing a pretty good job:


It looks like they’ve taken a page out of the Boston Bruins’ playbook and are attempting to enhance team chemistry by re-enacting scenes from the Titanic.

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Hopefully they remembered to pack protecti….erm, I mean sunscreen.  For any and all Olympic coverage go HERE.



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