Are you kidding me? Check out Pitcher Gif’s which is the brain child of we have no clue, and it is just awesome. They have compiled, what looks to be very close to, each specific pitch of every pitcher in the MLB in .GIF form. Give the site a look around and it is hard not to be impressed.

According to the website:

Pitcher Gifs is your home for Gifs of every pitcher in the major leagues. We wanted to provide baseball fans a way to turn pitchers from a stat-line to a visual comprehension, allowing viewers to witness each type of pitch thrown by every MLB pitcher in one convenient location.

We are still in Beta, but we currently have the expected starting rotation for all MLB teams completed.

As we approach opening day, we will be adding closers, supplemental starters, and full bullpens, in addition to providing daily fantasy baseball content.

During the season, we will be adding the Gifs from the first starts of all rookie debuts while updating all major league staffs.

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive MLB pitcher Gif database on the internet.

Looking for a Cubs pitcher’s pitch? No problem.