Golden TateWord in the Two-Oh-Six is that a few just-returned-home Seahawks players decided to get “turnt up” and party with the little people last night at a local nightclub. Said partying may or may not have included a parade of Dom Perignon and Ace of Spades bottles. However, what we can definitively report is that none were on the level of what Golden Tate partied with in New York City on Sunday night. That beast he’s holding is the Nebuchadnezzer-sized (15-liter) bottle of Ace of Spades, which can fetch a price in the six-figure range at top nightclubs.

Intrepid nightclub expert Darren Rovell reports that the bottle was probably comped — a good thing for Tate, considering its $100,000 price tag is equivalent to roughly one-ninth of his paycheck this season (including signing bonus).

Golden Tate[TheBigLead]