Now that the Winter Olympics are less than a week away and all three goaltenders for Team USA have unveiled their headgar for the Sochi Games, it’s time to recap the masks and pick your favorite. All three masks are gorgeous and oozing with freedom, but which is the best? Let’s review the candidates.

Ryan Miller

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Ryan Miller may or may not be the starting goaltender for Team USA in Sochi but, regardless, he’s going to look like a total American badass while at the Olympics. The Sabres goalie will don this headgear for the Winter Games, which – similar to his mask from 2010 – features the U.S.A. crest on the chin, stars along the jawline, a bald eagle on one side and a jacked Uncle Sam on the other.

The back of the helmet features Russian nesting dolls modeled after Miller, his wife Noureen and their family dog. Pretty cool.

A big stick tap goes out to @BishopDesigns for their awesome work on this headpiece.

Jonathan Quick

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Quick’s mask sticks with the armored look that he wears with the Kings, but will a more patriotic color scheme and U.S.A markings. The back of the mask features an awesome homage to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the men whose life duty it is to protect it.

Jimmy Howard


Howard’s mask is quite bold and includes more red than we’re typically used to seeing with the USA masks. Regardless, the colors really pop and the bald eagle on the crown is pretty badass. It’s a more simple design than the other two but it works quite well.