I have seen some weird stuff in my life, but being buried in a transparent large glass box while on a Harley probably is at the top of the list. This is apparently the way that Billy Standley wanted to be buried, and he got his wish.

According to the Dayton Daily News:

Billy Standley started planning to be buried astride his 1967 motorcycle about 18 years ago. His family will carry out his wish today with a large Plexiglas casket.

He started by buying three extra burial plots at the Fairview Cemetery in Mutual, next to his wife, Lorna. The land was big enough for the 9-by-11-foot cement septic tank able to accommodate his bike. His sons, Pete and Roy, fashioned the casket out of Plexiglas, reinforcing the bottom with wood and steel rods to handle the extra weight. For five years, it sat in Standley’s garage and “if you stopped by his house, he showed you his casket,” Roy Standley said.

“He was proud of it,” he added.

Enlisting the help of Dave and Tammy Vernon, co-owners of Vernon Funeral Homes Inc., he ensured his funeral would be held outside, so all his biker friends could watch his final ride.

Unreal, yet so real.