Marshawn Lynch is not a fan of the media. He was fined $50,000 at the end of the NFL season for not participating in his agreed upon media duties.

During Super Bowl media day, Marshawn did the absolute minimum he had to do simply not to get fined. He’s still going to get fined but that’s OK.

He gave actual interviews to very few people. One was given to Deion Sanders for NFL Network.

Marshawn may not like dealing with the media (will be interesting to see how Skittles utilizes him), but when he does, his words are just cluttered with quiet little gems.

We’ve listed some of those below:

[list type=”check”]
[li]”How you doing?” “Smooth.”[/li]
[li]”That’s What Time It Is.”[/li]
[li]”I’m Just ‘Bout That Action, Boss”[/li]
[li]”I Ain’t Never Seen No Talking Win Me Nothing”[/li]
[li]”You Want Something You Go Get It”[/li]
[li]”We Got Some Dogs”[/li]
[li]”Laid Back, Kick Back”[/li]
[li]”Gametime, tho. I’ll Be There.”[/li]
[li]”Town Business Gonna Be in the Building”[/li]
[li]”Beastmode Love and Appreciate That”[/li]