Garth Callaghan has included handwritten “napkin notes” into his 14-year-old daughter Emma’s lunch box every day since she started kindergarten. The “napkin notes” give guidance in the form of an inspirational quote or words of wisdom. Sadly the 44-year-old dad has been diagnosed with three types of cancer and has no idea of when his last day will be, but he knows that he will pass away relatively soon. After his heartbreaking diagnosis he has made the promise to write enough napkin notes for his dear daughter that she can take one to school until she graduates.


Garth has miraculously completed 740 inspirational notes and only needs 86 more. The father has created an Imgur, Twitter, Facebook to document his courageous effort. There’s even a website where you can purchase his Kindle book. You can read some of the napkin notes below, but I must warn you, they are extremely moving and may cause even the “toughest” guy to get emotional.