gggIf you think that it is expensive for a new PS4 or XBOX One game, you need to check out what this NES copy of Nintendo World Championships will cost you. The old and beat-up copy of the game is listed on EBay and the current bid stands at $6,300.

Wired explains why the game is going for so much money:

The elusive Nintendo World Championships cartridge was created for a nationwide Nintendo Entertainment System tournament in 1990. It features a game comprised of bits taken from Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Rad Racer. At the end of all three segments, the game tallied the player’s score; winners advanced to the national championships. At that event, each of the 90 semi-finalists received a copy of the game as shown here, but not all beaten up.

My question would be if you actually purchase the game for so much money, would you play it?