In what might quietly be the longest-running joke in late night television, Paul Rudd has continued to troll Conan O’Brien with the same stupid video clip for much of the past decade.

Rudd continues to go on Conan’s talk show to promote his upcoming films before showing the same clip from the 1988 film Mac and Me that features a wheelchair bound child rolling off the edge of a cliff and plunging into the water below.

On Tuesday night, Conan fell victim to the prank once again…but this time it wasn’t Rudd who was behind it – it was Paralympian Alana Nichols.

Nichols came on the show to talk about the upcoming Sochi Olympics (which she will be competing in) and brought “one of her best clips” along to show Conan. That clip turned out to be the Mac and Me scene that probably haunts Conan’s dreams every night.

Given the circumstances, I’d say that this is the best installment of the trolling clip saga. Hats off to Alana Nichols for her awesome sense of humor.