The Super Bowl is a big deal. Big stakes. Big shots. And apparently big strip poles. New York City’s newest gentleman’s club, Vivid Cabaret will take eroticism to new heights with their 25-foot stripper pole. This erection is the tallest strip pole in all of New York City and will accommodate at least three exotic dancers.

Shaun Kevlin, the club’s regional manager talks about the strategy of the huge pole:

We’ve kind of gone back to the basics of the gentleman’s club industry. A lot of New York got away from that and started to do just dances, but we’re bringing back that fun atmosphere of pole tricks, girls sliding up, down.”

The club had its “soft opening” this week, but the official “G-string cutting ceremony” will go down on Jan. 29, the same day Super Bowl Boulevard opens to the public. Finally you will have strippers falling for you, and possibly breaking a hip in the process.