Richard ShermanThings have been getting a bit contentious lately between the Portland (Ore.) City Council and the region’s newspaper of note, The Oregonian. The paper has run multiple pieces questioning the council’s ability to effectively run the city, including criticisms over its “mediocrity” (sound familiar?). Clearly, City Commissioner Steve Novick was fed up with the hit pieces, and unleashed a public missive on behalf of the council after drawing inspiration from Richard Sherman’s epic postgame interview following the NFC Championship game:

You want to talk about mediocre? A paper that only delivers four times a week, now that’s mediocre. You want to question our commitment to jobs? Seriously? The paper that specializes in firing people – good people like Ryan White and Scott Learn – wants to talk about jobs?

We’re the best City Council in the league. And we’re not going to be bullied by some sorry Orange County right-wing publisher. We’ll be here after you’re gone, Mr. N. Christian Anderson III – after the Newhouse family wakes up and realizes that it’s economic idiocy to try to foist a Fox News paper on a progressive readership.

And don’t think for a minute that anything you write will have any influence on us at all. Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.


We’re going to assume that “COB” stands for “Council of Boom”.