Pam Oliver And Jim Harbaugh Also Had An Awkward Postgame Interview

While this was no where near the level of epicness that the interview between Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews is, this postgame interview of losing 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh by Pam Oliver is cringe-worthy. Harbaugh was rightfully in no mood for trivial questions after his San Francisco 49ers were defeated in the NFC Championship again and fired an angry stare Oliver’s way the entire interview. And I guess Pam is not a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway or of his book The Old Man and the Sea, from which Harbaugh quoted, “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.”

Is that a quote?

But to be fair to Pam, Ernest Hemingway isn’t as popular on the planet of Kashyyyk.

pam oliver chewbacca

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