There are some social media blunders that just make you say “what on Earth was this idiot thinking?”

Well, Davone Bess has officially joined that club.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver, who apparently goes by the nickname “Jah Ras Tafa” and has been committing himself to the rastafarian movement, posted a picture on Thursday that might land him in some hot water with the NFL.

Yes, that would be a blunt and some weed sitting in clear sight in that photo, which was posted 4:20 A.M on Thursday morning. But it’s okay because, according to Bess, “we da real dons!”…whatever that means.

Something tells me this is going to turn into a mysterious “I’ve been hacked” situation very shortly. That’s going to be quite hard to believe considering Bess has posted multiple pictures of himself since the weed photo, including this one:


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