In case you hadn’t heard, the Charlotte Bobcats will be reverting to the Charlotte Hornets next season. The Hornets moniker called Charlotte home from 1988-2002 before moving to New Orleans, where it was then abandoned this year in favor of the Pelicans. (Yeah, we still don’t understand that either.)

About a month ago, the team unveiled three new logos for the big change. The new look is a modernized design based off the original Hornets logo and brings back the classic teal and purple color scheme.

Now, we have our first look at some of the team gear those logos will be featured on. They’re not quite as great as the 90s Starter jackets that were a staple of my childhood, but they’re still better than any Bobcats merchandise you could ever get your hands on.

The next logical step in this timeline of rebranding will be the unveiling of the official jerseys. Let’s hope for the sake of nostalgia that they don’t mess those up.