Usually when you think of great assists in hockey, it’s an impressive pass that leads to a great scoring chance for a teammate. After all, that’s how you get an ‘A’ on the scoresheet, right?

Well, a recent game in Germany’s Deutsche Eishockey Liga produced a rather unique type of assist – one that won’t show up on any scoresheets, but still one of the more impressive helpers you’ll ever see on a sheet of ice regardless.

And here’s the kicker…it doesn’t even involve the puck.

After losing a faceoff in the offensive zone, a player from Krefeld Pinguine lost his stick on the ensuing defensive rush up ice. Fortunately, a teammate a few paces in front of him managed to swipe at the driftwood and scoop it backwards towards the streaking Pinguine without a stick. He caught it in stride and the rush continued into the defensive zone.

The most impressive part of the whole sequence is how both guys seemed to be on the same page and executed the maneuver to perfection, making it look relatively easy without missing a beat. Incredible.