In case you weren’t aware, 2014 is going to be a great year for international sports. Not only are the Winter Olympics set to get underway in Sochi next month, but we also have the FIFA World Cup to look forward to this summer in Brazil.

To celebrate the biggest tournament in soccer, a few designers and photographers online have put together a great calendar featuring photos of some extremely beautiful models kicking the ball around.

From the project’s description on Behance:

A 2014 World Cup Calendar featuring women doing the 12 most famous moves in soccer. The challenge was to create dynamic images of the women in action but still have a high level of female sexuality. There was a balance between being true to the “move” but at the same time showing the best assets of the models.

The result turned out to be pretty great, and you should definitely check out the pics. If they don’t get you excited about the World Cup, maybe they’ll get you excited in other ways.