Unless you’ve somehow been living in an internetless basement over the past couple months, you know that Colorado has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, becoming the first state to do so.

Seems like everyone in Colorado these days has taken to puff, puff passing, including CNN reporter, Randi Kaye during a story covering the controversial new law.

During her segment, Kaye visits a marijuana dispensary and gets acquainted with all kinds of fancy smoking accessories, including ‘the dube tube’, a holder for your joint should you wish to save some for later.

She also goes for a ride-along on a pot tour, appropriately named “Colorado Rocky Mountain High,” which is essentially like a wine tour, except it’s in a stretch hummer limousine and everyone just gets really high and laughs at things.

At around 4:30 into the video, Anderson asks her what she’s learned and Kaye begins talking about how she began finding things funnier than usual and forgot some of her questions, all while chuckling, mind you, and openly admits she got a contact high. She firmly replies ‘no’ when Anderson inquires as to whether it was *only* a contact high and she confirms it.

Sure, Randi, sure.