Coming up with the most creative and efficient way to defeat your opponents in rubber band wars was at the forefront of every kid’s thoughts.

“You’ll put your eye out” is what your parents would say, but it didn’t matter. Playground supremacy was the most important thing. Win the day, you thought. Make the other kids bow before you and your mighty arsenal of rubber band guns.

That was then. The 21st century has brought society advancements in both military technology and youth warfare. Design student at the National University of Lugansky, Alexander Shpetniy, sympathized with the plight of the common kid, and created the world’s first ever rubber band gatling gun and it fires a cool 672 rubber bands in just 48 seconds.

That’s right, your kid can vanquish his foes at an awesome rate.

It all started on Kickstarter, where Shpetiny sought to raise $5,000 to fund his project and has now received over $100,000 in donations.

With only three days left until the campaign window closes, $95 will get you one of these heavy duty nightmare-machines and make your son or daughter the Rambo of the playground.

He will be feared and respected by all, and his legend will be heard across the schoolyard.