Here’s an ugly video from a recent Pee Wee hockey game in Michigan that shows one young player blindsiding and attacking an opponent from behind. The kid in yellow shows shades of Todd Bertuzzi by tackling the player in white and throwing several punches while he lays on the ice.

From the YouTube description:

The kid in white just cross-checked the kid in yellow’s throat twice, and was celebrating. He raised his leg and arms in front of our bench…he didn’t make it back to his.

While I certainly don’t condone attacking somebody from behind, I also don’t condone being a total douche. If the player in white really did cross-check the kid in the throat and then proceed to hot-dog it by the opposing team’s bench, well, he probably deserved what he got.

I guess we should just be relieved that nobody got seriously hurt.

[Puck Daddy]