Before Sunday’s Broncos-Chargers game in Denver, CBS’s pre-game show turned their discussion to whether or not championship rings validate greatness in a player. Shannon Sharpe stated that for quarterbacks, indeed they do. The former NFL tight end said you can’t be considered one of the best ever without a ring.

The awkward part? Sitting just a few feet away from him was his colleague Dan Marino, who is often called the best quarterback to never win a ring.

As soon as Marino reluctantly admitted that he was never able to win himself a ring, Sharpe backtracked and said that there were plenty of quarterbacks less talented than Marino who had won a championship. I guess that makes sense, but it was still confusing and awkward and stuff.

Let’s just hope they leave that discussion off the pre-game show next week, for the sake of everyone.

[Awful Announcing]