Hollywood film director Michael Bay was invited by Samsung to help unveil a new brand of curved HD TV sets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and things did not go very smoothly.

During the presentation, Bay’s teleprompter went offline and, apparently, that seriously hindered Bay’s ability to function as a human being. After attempting to “wing it” for a few seconds, Bay just gave up and walked off stage, stunning his co-presenter and the crowd.

I must be missing something here because it doesn’t seem like Bay was being asked any earth-shattering questions here that would absolutely necessitate a teleprompter. It actually sounded like he was being asked quite simple questions about his career, one which he has made hundreds of millions of dollars from.

Somehow, this makes me think Bay might be more robotic than some of the characters in his films. Unplug him and he becomes utterly useless.