Temperatures in Chicago, aka “Chiberia”, are currently hovering somewhere way below what humans can tolerate (as you’re reading this, probably negative something, with a windchill factor of “DEATH” on top of that) — essentially trapping everyone in their homes, lest they dare risk frostbite and other harmful cold weather phenomena. So, you know what means: someone was bound to do something stupid after being cooped up inside 24/7.

The Polar Vortex (actual name) inspired one Chiberian resident, Micah Uetricht, to test the elements, with an experiment similar to one that went viral over the weekend. As you’ll notice in the linked video, a Super Soaker was used to aid in projecting the boiling water away from the person, because the water doesn’t really move away once it freezes. Uetricht relied on his arms — which, unfortunately, do not have the pressurized force of a powerful water gun — and the result is exactly what you’d expect.