andrew luck

Andrew Luck is definitely the poster child for the new wave of quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s the one that will take the torch from the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys of the world. But his Herculean effort in leading the Colts to a historic 45-44 comeback win over the Chiefs on Saturday already has elevated Luck to legendary status. If Luck’s career stays on the current trajectory, this will be the performance that everyone talks about as the birth of the legend.

Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson knows how special a quarterback he’s got on his hands, comparing his field general to Michael Jordan:

“He’s always been a different animal in the fourth quarter, his whole life,” Grigson said. “And just even hearing the story from his uncle [and agent, Will Wilson]. He relishes those moments. It’s like Jordan when he’d take that last shot — he wants the ball. This guy, we’re so blessed, he wants the ball in those situations. Other guys don’t want the ball; they want to hand it off. They don’t really want it — they’re gonna be half-stepping it. This kid is gonna rear back and throw a bomb when he has all the pressure on him. And that’s a thing of beauty. You’re born with that.”

The Colts will play the Patriots at Gillette next Saturday.

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Image Credit: Getty Images