Here’s a pretty crazy video from the stands of last night’s Sugar Bowl matchup between Alabama and Oklahoma. A female blonde ‘Bama fan was clearly not pleased with a group of younger Oklahoma fans (possibly students) seated near her and she gets in the face of one of the boys before getting pulled away. The OU boys don’t seem to fazed by her anger, laughing off her initial attempts at putting them in their place.

We don’t have a ton of context as to what led up to this confrontation (I’m going to go ahead and assume their either made a comment about her good looks or OU leading on the scoreboard) but it escalates quickly when the ‘Bama woman breaks free of her restraints and soars over the crowd in an attempt to superman punch one of the boys.

The laughter and joking quickly turns to shock as she wildly tries to kick and punch the kids while others try to pull her away from them. Twitter user Michael Connolly says he was the victim of the attack and the female Alabama fan is a mother of three who had her children at the game.


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