SnowstormWord on the street is that America — and Canada — is currently freezing its collective ass off. Of course, not all of America — and Canada — is suffering (it’s currently 46 and partly cloudy up here in Boringville, Washington). But if you turn on the television and flip to any news channel, they’ll have you convinced that the Snopocalypsageddon is here, and that we’re all going to die by just watching the Packers-Niners game on television this weekend.

Okay, so some (fine, a lot of) snow fell in an eastern portion of America. Big whoop. There aren’t any hills over there, so it’s not like getting around is totally impossible. Unlike, say, Seattle, where one inch really does qualify as the Snopocalypsageddon (don’t believe me?). Still, regardless of where you live and your mobility, snow is annoying as shit. And it gets even more annoying the longer it sticks around — especially when temperatures drop and everything turns into ice, which is what is happening everywhere. All you want to do is curl up in a ball and never leave the house.

However, if you must go outside, be like the gentleman above, who handled the latest blizzard as everyone should, by tossing some bubbles in a hot tub and riding out the storm like a boss. All he needs is some Champale to make it official.