Tim TebowIt’s been a rough NFL season in Bristol, as the Worldwide Leader’s darling, Tim Tebow (aka, the man responsible for approximately 87.3% of ESPN’s NFL coverage over the last few seasons), was sidelined with a nasty case of not-very-good-at-football-itis. Somehow, ESPN made it through the regular season. But, damn it, they love them some Tim Tebow. So much so that they hired him for the ESPN-owned SEC Network that will debut next fall. But, for those who can’t wait that long for their Tebow-as-analyst fix, don’t worry, he’s getting a crash course behind the desk during ESPN’s coverage of the BCS Championship Game on Monday:

On Monday, Jan. 6, Tebow will make his first appearance as an ESPN analyst during pregame coverage of the 2013 VIZIO BCS National Championship. He will contribute to the 9 a.m. ET edition of SportsCenter, College Football Live (3 p.m.) and College GameDay Built by The Home Depot (7 p.m.). He will also be part of studio coverage for the new College Football Playoff (semifinals and championship game), which begins next season.