Not only did Anderson Silva lose his bout with Chris Weidman at UFC 168, but he may have ended his career and his ability to walk for the foreseeable future. Weidman was making his first middleweight title defense on Saturday night against Silva and was battling and even dominating the legend at times. Then early in the second round Silva launched a left leg kick that struck Weidman’s leg. The force of Silva’s kick caused his own leg to shatter and made him plummet to the ground. The fight was immediately stopped 1:16 into the second round and Weidman was awarded the victory by technical knockout. The 38-year-old Silva laid on the mat in excruciating pain for several minutes as doctors tended to his snapped leg. He was finally carried out of the MGM Grand on a stretcher. With Weidman’s second victory over Silva in six months pushed his record to 11-0, 7-0 UFC, while Silva, who’s historic career is probably over dropped to 33-6, 16-2.

You now know what happened in the fight, but if your curiosity still wants to see a tibia bone that looks like a boomerang we will give you that opportunity. After this adorable pic of a puppy and a kitten there is no unseeing the absolute devastation of Anderson Silva’s broken leg. This is your last chance to not see the carnage.


Last chance to get away with limited queasiness. Here is Anderson Silva being carted away as a result from his gruesome leg injury.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




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