Colin sat on his living room’s tacky cheetah print rug with his family on a nice Christmas morning, opening his presents just like any young boy would. What could it be, he wondered? His Affordable Healthcare Act card? $10 in stamps from grandma? Perhaps a coupon for a free side at Fuddruckers.

Oh no, on this special morning he got something a little bit better: TICKETS TO THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME to watch his beloved #2 Auburn Tigers take on Jameis Winston and the #1 Florida State Seminoles at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

This is the type of gift where all of your friends and peers shower you with well wishes and words of joy but secretly hate you and your family with envy for being able to afford a trip like this. Seriously, what kind of 8-year-old kid gets, not only tickets to the second biggest football game in America behind the Super Bowl, but an all expenses paid, cross-country (judging by the accents) trip that comes with it?

It’s not that surprising, though, considering these people are from the South and boy do Southerners love their college football. In fact, the exchange occurring at 1:33 into the video confirms this notion.

A woman (who we assume is his grandmother) asks Colin what he says (in response to receiving the tickets) to which the boy responds “thank you.” Instead of approval from his grandmother, Colin is is met with a more stern, “NO. WHAT are you supposed to say?” to which young Colin meekly replies: “war eagle.”

“That’s RIGHT. War Eagle!”

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