I’m not really sure what tipped off police that Karen Francis Williams was intoxicated. It could have been the bloodshot eyes. It could have been the slurred speech. It could have been the smell of alcohol on her breath. It could have been that her car was parked on the sidewalk. It could have been the open container of alcohol in her lap. Or it could have been when police approached her automobile and overheard Williams say, “I have to go, I’m getting arrested for DUI again.” It could have been any one of these very blatant and incriminating pieces of evidence that was definitive proof that Williams was driving drunk.

The Arizona woman was on her way to pick up her daughter from a youth group on Dec. 19, but apparently the six-pack of beer that she had before driving severely impaired her judgement and driving.  As police approached they were privy to Williams’ phone conversation in which she said, “I have to go, I’m getting arrested for DUI again.” Even with police standing right in front of her, Williams continued to talk on her phone and to the point that they had to take the phone from her hand. Police found out that the 52-year-old mother had her license revoked and arrested her. Police later found pills, identified as acetaminophen and hydrocodone, on Williams who became unruly and required restraint at the county jail. So in the last days of 2013, Karen Williams makes a strong case for “Mother of the Year” and “Moron of the Year” in one idiotic debacle.