Despite a fantastic game last night, in yet another horrific Knick loss, Carmelo Anthony should be considered in the Knicks trade talks. Listen, Carmelo is a great player and he’s having a tremendous season, statistically at least, but the Knicks suck. Everybody thinks that the proper solution to their heinous start is to trade away young role players like Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. But what do you think you’re going to get back for those guys?? Another superstar? Do we still really think that Pau Gasol is a viable solution to this mess? No, of course not. Even a guy like Kyle Lowry who’s just a glorified Raymond Felton won’t change much. Plus you need those role players to fill out your roster. So how about we swap an overrated superstar for a future? Now, this is never going to happen because the Knicks are one of the worst organizations in sports, and as long as they have a “superstar” malignant owner James Dolan will be satisfied. But just for fun, and perhaps to stir up a bit of controversy, here are a few reasons why the Knicks should trade Melo.