Once again, HBO’s 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic did not disappoint. Although the first episode bestowed its expectedly pleasing aesthetic and attention to detail, the usual story lines seem a little bare. Hot wives? I guess Elisha Cuthbert will do. I used to love Elisha back in her Girl Next Door days but she seems to have lost her spark. Don’t get me wrong she’s still adorable, but I’m not going to be tuning in each week to see her. Crazy coaches or players? Well, let’s see if Leafs Head Coach Randy Carlyle can figure out how to use the toaster, and Wings Head Coach Mike Babcock just seems like an amazing leader; the type of guy I want to raise my children with. One story line you might want to check out is how Daniel Alfredsson’s family will adjust to a new city. Other than that the series is still captivating and a must watch for any sports fan.