Boston MarathonIf you buy into the notion of “everything happens for a reason”, then this story is for you:

James Costello of Malden (Mass.) was one of the spectators injured in the Boston Marathon bombing in April that claimed three lives, and left scores more critically injured. Three of Costello’s friends lost limbs in the blast, while Costello suffered severe burns to his right arm and right leg. He spent the next two weeks in Massachusetts General Hospital while doctors had to perform multiple skin grafts — using pig skin — on both limbs.

Boston MarathonEventually, Costello was sent to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where he noticed Krista D’Agostino, a nurse at the facility. The two had mutual friends, but their paths had never crossed until he was an actual patient. Once Costello was well enough, he asked her to attend a benefit event, which led to more dates and a few months of inseparability.

Costello and D’Agostino are currently in Europe on an all-expenses-paid “Heroes Cruise” for victims and first responders on that terrible day. At a stop in Lyon, France over the weekend, Costello popped the question, and D’Agostino said “yes”.

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