When you think of an organization known for giving and random acts of kindness, a Canadian airline company may not be the first to come to mind.

However, WestJet Airlines has pulled off one of the coolest Christmas “miracles” that I’ve ever seen by a corporation.

From the Huffington Post:

In a video released Monday, Calgary-based airline WestJet sets up electronic Santa chat boxes in terminals at the Hamilton and Toronto airports. Travelers giggle at the chance to talk live with Santa through a screen, and parents and kids alike tell him what they want for Christmas.

But the surprise is far from over. While the flights soar to their destination in Calgary, WestJet shoppers pick up everybody’s Christmas wishes, from “socks and underwear” to “a big TV.”

When they get to baggage claim, tired travelers see their luggage — and big blue boxes with their names on the front and their dream Christmas gifts inside. Faux snow falls, tears are shed, and a giant gingerbread man waddles around the luggage belt eating cookies. The whole situation is precious and magical.

So awesome…major props to WestJet for pulling this off and making the holiday for a bunch of strangers.

Also, I bet that guy regrets asking for socks and underwear.